Prism Services Overview

Are your people at all levels of the organization ready for the challenges ahead?

Do your leaders possess the ability to set local strategy? To organize the efforts of their direct reports efficiently? To measure and communicate progress? To deal with conflict? To collaborate with other functions and process teams? To foster innovative ideas? To encourage a constructive culture?

An extensive library: Prism provides an expansive library of training designs for leadership and personal talent development. Many of these curricular elements have won design awards. They can be delivered by Prism facilitators or your facilitators can be certified to lead them.

Experience: Founded in 1990 - for twenty-five years Prism has helped organizations achieve their business goals and learning goals.

Great designs: Prism’s design model is competency-based learning; share – model – practice - deploy.

Powerful facilitators: Our facilitators and trainers know their content, connect to participants, create an environment for learning, expect participation and fit delivery to the goals of your organization.

Learning deployed: Prism will work with you to create a curriculum matched to your needs and goals, with tools to enhance deployment on the job.

Training Programs

Prism's primary focus is building curricula focused to meet specific development needs for our clients. This can be the development of management talent or specific skill sets like teamwork skills or fostering innovation. Success in creating change is rarely created by a single event, more often a series of development activities for those growing into new roles or for those in various roles to learn the deployment of new tools and skills.

Prism can help clients meet needs at every level of their organization. Our work often includes surveys, assessments, coaching, formal training events, needs analysis, and facilitating effective teamwork. The common element in all of Prism's client relationships is our overriding dedication to supporting the pathway to increased, sustained success.

Prism employs a systems approach, whether we are facilitating strategic change from the beginning - and at the highest levels of an organization, or fostering new skills at the front line of the organization.

Prism Learning Solutions

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