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Solutions for your curriculum development and change management needs.

Prism Learning Solutions offers a professional staff of consultants, facilitators, project managers, instructional developers and production resources backed by a large library of content.  Most of our clients value the power of workshop learning, with instructional support through instrumentation and pre-post support for key learning elements.

Prism supports client organizations with curriculum solutions, which drive learning based change for general employee education or focused initiatives.

We offer our clients:

  •     A unique approach that drives integrated change planning across the people, process, and technology components of the organization.
  •     A systematic, disciplined, and flexible process to expedite organizational change across a wide-range of competitive situations.
  •     A proprietary software tool that measurably accelerates the work done in teams and meeting, and enhances the internalization of capabilities
  •     A full array of supporting services, including award winning training, consulting / facilitation, and project management.

Our Approach

Learning Drives Change

Prism’s consulting and curricular services address performance problems and opportunities.

We don’t feel it is enough to simply report on the results of a diagnostic. It's not enough to simply tell a client what is wrong. Performance is improved when a solution that is based on data, perceptions, and desired outcomes is put in place and managed. All of these steps must be addressed and conducted in the correct sequence to insure the best results.

Prism was founded in June 1990 by Harry Lebovitz and Tom Buck.

Harry's Legacy

This summer marked the 25th anniversary of the original founding of Prism Performance Systems!  Harry and I formally filed our formation paperwork for Prism on June 16, 1990.  We came together out of a desire to work together as friends and business associates in a common belief around the effectiveness of competency-based learning.  Over the years, we were able to surround ourselves with very talented team members who brought great strength to the Prism organization.  Our forte has always been providing high-quality designs and curriculum in leadership, corporate quality, teamwork, innovation and other general and intiative driven change.

A little over a year ago, Harry asked me to work with him to build a business plan to help present newer designs, facilitators and services into the marketplace. I remember feeling pretty excited about the work Prism was doing with clients and as we worked together we found the same basis, which made Prism successful 25 years ago.  Our ability to work together, serving clients, and offering great curriculum solutions were and are our standards.

Harry's passing last May provokes a review of our successes and many memories.  His legacy is his constant optimism about the future, his focus on great design work resulting in real competency development and his continuous efforts to search for and connect with great, talented people.  Everyone who met him felt his friendship.  Everyone who worked with him felt his passion.  Everyone who touches Prism knows the professionalism throughout the organization.  Harry was truly an icon in the training services industry and a model for all of us.

Tom Buck, Prism Learning Solutions

Prism Learning Solutions

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