Curriculum and Strategy Consulting

Improving the way work gets done must include a proactive emphasis on helping employees perform their jobs in ways that align them with organizational and business plans.

Change initiatives succeed when the job - the roles and accountabilities - of each person are clearly linked to business objectives.

  • Define core organizational processes and competencies
  • Identify the gaps that exist in the present Human Performance Management System as it relates to its ability to meet the human performance needs of the organization.
  • Create or enhance their human performance support system, including:
    • Conducting job analysis for each new or changed position
    • Developing job profiles for each job category
    • Creating or enhancing recruitment and selection guidelines, tools, and training for each category and job
    • Designing a process to keep the description of job categories current
  • Create or enhance a formal and informal process to assess human performance and output, including electronic reporting methodologies and 360-degree review processes.
  • Create or enhance a usable performance feedback and development / enhancement process, which includes:
    • Coaching to modify behavior that is not acceptable or that is acceptable but could be improved.
    • Training and development activities to provide opportunities for personal and professional growth and development as it relates to knowledge acquisition, skill enhancement, or skill development.
  • Create a process to continually monitor and enhance the Performance Management System

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