Spectrum 360

Spectrum  360 is a survey tool to gather comparative perceptions of management and behavioral practices from those who surround a leader.  Surveys are completed by the incumbent, their direct reports, their peers and their manager.

The information is analyzed and produced in a report for the incumbent, as a tool to learn about behaviors which work and behaviors which are ineffective.  The incumbent is encouraged to develop specific action plans to deal with improvement needs.  These may include training, communication strategies, self-study efforts and other types of actions.

Sprectrum 360

We are especially proud of our reports. They have been carefully designed to be clear, focused, and easy to understand. No PhD or special training is required to interpret the results. Moreover, the professional quality of the reports adds credibility to the results and makes you look good.

Three different typs of reports are available:

  • Individual Feedback Report
  • Group / Team Report (combined results for groups or teams)
  • Improvement / Gap Report (for repeat feedback)

Frequently, coaches are identified to work with incumbents on their action plans.  Coaches establish regular meetings and may be on call to review immediate, actionable opportunities or problems.

Surveys can be developed from general templates or with custom items for specific insight.  For more information call Tom Buck at 248-321-3205 or at jtbuck@infinitelearning.com.

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