Teamwork Development

Both the development of teams and the facilitation of teamwork are intrinsic to the Strategic Integrative Change Process. As such, Prism helps the client organization take ownership of of Team Development as an internal competency.

Prism also has the capability to provide Team Development products and services within a defined scope to support organizational objectives. The client and Prism work together to determine appropriate responses to strategic goals. Prism maintains a systems perspective to ensure the effectiveness and integrity of any training intervention.

If a decision is made to assess teamwork issues within an organization, Prism can provide several effective assessment formats, including:

  • Team Health Audit
  • Critical Issues Matrix
  • Focus Groups
  • Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Multi-Rater Assessments

When an assessment reveals that Team Development training is needed, Prism has many effective methods that may be appropriate in achieving the desired results. For example:

  • Process consultants can work in a defined framework with teams to facilitate the team's work and to model best practices while doing work.
  • An integrated training program consisting of Sponsoring Teamwork, Facilitating Teamwork, and Achieving Teamwork can prepare different levels within the organization for their team roles and responsibilities
  • Other training programs can be made available based on need. These might include Process Mapping, Improving Process Performance, Project Management, and a host of other proven instructional designs.

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