Registration is now open for January Write On! Courses.

There is a cure for your communication ills!  Meet the Grammar Doctor!

David Hultgren Ph.D. aka The Grammar Doctor

Write On! Effective Emails, Letters and Reports and Write On! Grammar and Punctuation Made Easy workshops are being offered as open sessions in January!  (Prism normally offers these workshops exclusively to our clients internally.  However, after many recent requests, we have decided to open it to individuals and smaller groups to attend.)
Both sessions will be held at the Auburn Hills campus of Western Michigan University, at their contemporary and welcoming facility. 

The fee for the sessions is $245 per person. Participant materials and lunch are included. A discount of 20% will be provided to anyone participating in  both sessions- 10% discount is also available for groups of three or more from the same organization attending the same workshop (use coupon code ORGGRP)

January 9, 2018 - Write On! Effective Emails, Letters, and Reports (plus)

This workshop emphasizes readability through a series of tips on creating clear, concise documents.  It also covers legal issues, tone, and provides specific formats for various types of documents. Participants will have fun learning in a collegial atmosphere of practice and feedback.
Click the links below to get more information, register, or let us know you can't make it.

January 18, 2018 - Write On! Grammar and Punctuation Made Easy

This workshop emphasizes the importance of coming across professionally in your business writing by using correct grammar and punctuation.  The course covers forming noun plurals, use of apostrophes, personal pronouns, verb tenses, subject verb agreement, and the active and passive voice.  All this and it's fun too, whether brushing up or learning some of it for the first time.

Thank you and we hope to see you at one or both of these fun and informative workshops.